Istanbul should definitely be marked as “must-see location” in your travel plans…

This amazing city offers hundreds of different activities for all type of visitors.

We, as Istanbul addicts (and as permanents residents),

created dozens of entertaining posts in various categories for you to

get the most of this magnificent metropolis.

Istanbul Landmarks

Architectural Wonders of Istanbul

Remarkable Designs, Piece of Art Buildings, Gifted Obelisks, Unique Fountains….

Istanbul Museums

Ramble Around The Cradle of Civilizations

Historical Museums, Galleries, Art Museums, Islamic Culture Museums…

Istanbul Photo Spots

Your Path To Shoot Admirable Selfies

Beautiful Photo Spots, Hidden Gems, Perfect Aspects, Useful Tips, Filtering Advices…

Istanbul Map

Various Interpretations of Istanbul's Borders

Ottoman Map Drawings, Geological Maps, Public Transportation Maps…

Istanbul Observation Decks

Locations with Breath-taking Views of Istanbul

Sunset Watching Spots, Sunrise Observation Spots, Skyscrappers with Observation Decks…