If you will go to the top of Galata Tower with someone, you will marry him/her

If you have ever bought souvenirs in Istanbul or received a gift, most likely it was an image of the Galata tower. This structure looks very photogenic, you can often see it in photos of famous bloggers and videos about Istanbul.

The history of the Galata tower begins in 507, when Constantinople was under the rule of Justinian. In those days, building from wood was affordable and practical, so the tower was originally built from wood. As they say, after the fire, in the middle of the 14th century, they built a stone tower in the same place.

The first strairs

This famous tower has survived lots of occasions until our days…

Initially, a lighthouse was located on the very top, then there was an observatory in the tower walls, then it was used as a fire tower. Some sources claim that in the walls even was a prison. Although during our visit, we could not believe it, because the column itself seems to be completely empty except for the elevator and steps.

Tower from the famouse street

At the moment, on the first floor at the entrance is a reception, a photo zone in the traditional style, and a souvenir shop. At the top are an expensive restaurant, cafe and observation deck. Now the Galata tower is known as an observation deck. I am sure that many cities only dream of such a landmark. After reaching the top of the tower, the view opens to all 360 degrees. This way you can see all the sights of the old city and even skyscrapers far away.

Observation deck of the tower

When we have finished our observation of the old Galata districts and old city, we used the stairs to leave the building, this is a must-do if you are able to. We plunged into the atmosphere of past centuries. On the way back we had to bend ourselves a little bit down in tunnels because of the different heights. We could also touch the walls and see how the stone was laid before.

Golden Horn of Istanbul

In total, the tower has 143 steps and an elevator, the height is 61 meters, 9 meters in circumference. This is why the tower can be seen from many corners of Istanbul and standing next to, you will feel the power and strength of this place.

Once, an Ottoman innovator used the majesty of the tower as an experiment. Putting on a unique aircraft invented by him, he jumped off and flew over the Bosphorus.

The tower is beautiful at any time

For tourists, the tower is included in the list of Things To Do, so there is almost always a long queue before the entrance. But when you get to the top, you will forget about every minute of waiting.

Entrance fee:for foreigners – 35 TL
for locals – 20 TL
free for kids under 7 years
Opening hours:09:00 – 17:00 every day