”A place where scents that sink into dreams and  cakes that revive happy childhood memories”

Terrasse of the restaurant

Mum’s restaurant is located at Fransız Geçidi, designed in the Swiss style, although Melike suggested that it is between the French and English styles. Indeed, the small neat tables on the street were close one-to-one. It reminded us of those cozy cafe in Europe. Although there were street heaters, we decided to choose a table inside and explore the restaurant at the same time. The first thing that catches your eye at the entrance is the kitchen. One half is open to the public, and it is designed quite creatively. Pans and pots are suspended from the top, restaurant’s special dishes are listed on wallboard, and the most interesting thing – the cookers, instead of standard white chef hats, they wore sports hats.

Creative open kitchen and chefs wearing sports hats

Oh, here’s another part of the kitchen that can’t be ignored – the refrigerator with desserts. It’s just obvious that desserts cooked in Mum’s kitchen, not brought from outside, as in some restaurants. I was very surprised that there was a Russian honey cake Medovik, because it is not easy to find even in local Russian restaurants. There are about seven tables inside, and we choose a cozy corner near the window. The view is charming, isn’t it?

Our Burgers

We were very hungry, so we ordered burgers. Mine was Mum’s Burger, and Melike, of course, ordered a vegan one. It’s great that Mum’s thinks about vegetarians and vegans too, it is not easy to find such place In Istanbul. The chef brought the order to our table, the presentation of burgers is unusual and we could not wait to try it. The chef poured hot cheese on my Burger, I made a video for Instagram stories and immediately tasted. The potatoes were served not as we are used to seeing, they were so crispy. As for me, French fries are much tastier, but totally the Burger is solid contentment!

Just one small remark, the bread was too hard. As we know, Mum’s bread products are baked in their kitchen. I think if they would change the recipe a little, the burgers would be more tender.

Mum’s Pancakes which we barely finished

Now it’s time for sweets. As much as I insisted on taking the honey cake Medovik, Melike didn’t want it. But I agreed with her wish, the pancakes were brought to us quickly enough😊 This is an incredibly large portion, four fluffy pancakes which we divided by two and barely finished. For me, I could taste the soda, but Melike didn’t agree with me. So I would still prefer honey cake, I think it is much tastier. I want to note a very important fact, the types of dessert changes every day, I recommend you to look at the page on Instagram @mumscafe . You may see all types of desserts presented, personally, I would try… everything!

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Opening hours:Tuesday-Thursday 09:00 – 23:00
Friday 09:00 – 00:00
Saturday 09:30 – 00:00
Sunday 09:30 – 22:00

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