On one of the trendy streets of Istanbul Nişantaşı is full of cafes and restaurants for every budget. From traditional eateries to expensive restaurants. So are the stores, from low-cost to luxury global brands.

Romantic view at The Muse

One rainy evening we (Svitlana & Yağmur) decided to go to Nişantaşı. Leaving the Osmanbey metro station, we walked along the main Rumeli street and came across a stylish-looking restaurant The Muse. A little wet but without hesitation, we ran inside. From the first second, we determined what kind of people visited the restaurant. Girls with big lips & men examining them, and of course stylish and beautiful people. In General, for fully understanding the whole picture, you may need to enter the location of the restaurant in the Instagram search bar (The MUSE Nişantaşı).

Our delicious order

There were not many free tables at 6 PM, so we sat at one of the nearest to the window at the entrance. It was very romantic to watch the rain and warm our frozen hands next to the candle. The menu turned out to be very simple and understandable, basically, The Muse serves Turkish and Italian food. We were also provided with a menu of alcoholic beverages, inside of the restaurant is a chic bar. Late at night some people just come to smoke a cigarette and drink something. Our order was fairly standard, Yağmur ordered a pizza margarita, and I ordered a salad with quinoa and avocado. Great respect to the chef and the whole kitchen for the creative design of dishes, fast delivery, and most importantly – incredibly delicious food. They say that the restaurant has a good selection of desserts for the sweet tooth. So if you’re not on a diet, don’t miss this part.

It is worth note that the music plays is very decent, at night the volume increases, in fact, as well as the number of orders at the bar. The very atmosphere of the Muse is a very warm and beautiful view of the street. What else do you need to relax? Prices are slightly higher than average, about 100 TL per person, for example, the price for one cocktail is about 50 TL.

In general, if you are somewhere nearby, do not forget to check this restaurant-bar with such a special atmosphere.

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Open hours: 10:00 – 02:00 every day

Instagram: The Muse