Walking around the old city, instead of the standard breakfast sandwich with coffee in Starbucks, we decided to go to a restaurant right on Sultanahmet square to enjoy a full Breakfast. Cafe & Restaurant Cozy attracted us with its location and white and red tablecloths.

Tables along the street

Prices were affordable, as in the restaurant opposite, the identical menu was twice expensive. Our search for a restaurant/cafe was quite long, as there are hundreds of hotels around that already serve breakfast, mostly it is included in the price of the room. It would seem that the main place of the old city – Sultanahmet is occupied by the best restaurants and cafes. Unfortunately, we also found many disadvantages in Cozy restaurant. December 2019 in Istanbul was warm, but still not enough to have outside breakfast in the morning. After checking the cafe inside, we decided to be outside, and the fact that there are heating lamps over the tables, dispelled any doubts that we will freeze. I would like to note a very important fact: the restaurant has a menu in three languages: English, Russian and Turkish. We chose a classic Turkish Breakfast with tea. Since Melike is a vegetarian, we asked to replace the sausage with something else. Breakfast was brought out in 10 minutes, the tea was not fully prepared, we had to inform the waiter about it, we got new tea. Breakfast was not particularly surprising, as jam, butter, and honey were in plastic containers, some cheeses were completely tasteless. Melike did not get sausage, this was compensated with the salad, which was very fresh.

In conclusion, this Breakfast reminded us of the food on the plane, because in the aircraft food is also given packed. Why did Cozy choose this type of service? So that guests will not eat more? Or was the owner part of the cabin crew in the past? I think it is unlikely, because in 1846-1914 Hakki Pasha (Grand vizier of the Ottoman Empire) lived there, and now this place is run by his grandchildren.

Hakkı Pasha

For sitting outside, you need to be prepared that the noise of the tram can be very distracting, we would advise you to sit inside. To sum up, Cozy & Restaurant is more suitable for evening gatherings. At the bar, we noticed a large selection of alcohol and snacks. We would recommend this restaurant for noisy companies, lovers of fun and alcohol.

Rate by Top Sights: ⭐️⭐️✨
Disadvantages: noisy, not reccomended for breakfast
Open hours: 09:00 – 01:00 everyday

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