Most of us don’t even realize that not illusive restaurant serves very tasty, and I would be declared – a special food. We decided to open to you, our readers and subscribers, the big secret of a very small chocolate boutique. I was brought to this place by Gökçe, and before her friend brought her, and this is how the people of Istanbul learn about this place.

When we entered the cafe, we were met by a smiling waiter… and chocolate behind the glass. If I’m not mistaken, there were about 4 tables on the first floor, not including 3 tables on the street. Right next to the steps you will have the opportunity to look into the kitchen and most likely die from the outgoing smell. Plus, after a walk on Istiklal, we froze and worked up an appetite for sweets.

Second floor of the cafe

Warning for tall people! Going up to the 2nd floor, you need immediately to bend down, as the ceiling is low because the building is quite old. Maybe it made us feel like we were in France… Although maybe it’s because of the red-checkered tablecloths and the smell of chocolate coming from every table. The main contingent – young girls who like to gather after the office to buzz about the latest news and gossip. Just like in France! How I like it! Gökçe brought me exactly to the right place. The menu has a large section of pizza, pasta and chocolate. We were in the mood for sweets, but on the pages with flour food, the choice is quite huge. As for chocolate, I will not re-read how many and what sweets are on the menu, because the list is long.

Unplanned cheesy snack

We just ordered the most famous dessert J’adore café-Oh la la Beatrice, basically what everyone has on the table. As the saying ” a Woman sees what she wants to see.” Also, girls from the table next to us recommended us to try some cheesy bruschetta. 

While waiting for the order, we looked at all the details, personally, I was attracted by the window. It’s so French, I think the smell has completely drugged my head and now everything is French for me. I wonder if the waiters speak French?

Oh la la Beatrice

Ah, here’s dessert! Melted chocolate with fruit slices on a wet cake. Having tasted a spoonful of this chocolate miracle, I could not even think that such a simple combination of ingredients could so spin us. Still, I’m sure J’adore has a special secret recipe.

The chocolate makes brain to release endorphins (On the photo Svitlana and Gökçe)

By some percentage, we are happier, because chocolate raises the mood. Next time we will come hungry on purpose to try the pasta and pizza from that wonderful little kitchen.

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Open hours: 10:00 – 23:00 everyday

Zomato: J’adore Chocolatier