Today, me, Gokce and Svitlana were so hungry and decided to visit the famous steakhouse; NUSRET!

So, I want to talk about this guy!

Who is Salt Bae?

Nusret, is a butcher, chef and restaurateur from Istanbul. His nickname is ‘Salt Bae’. Nusret Gökçe became more widely known through a series of viral Internet videos and memes.

Nusret’s signature “salt sprinkling” moves became a content of a post at 9gag.

Also we are seeing a lot of questions about Nusret in internet like; who is salt bae? Is salt bae was always rich? What is salt bae’s net worth? Everyone wonders this guy’s life story.

This legendary man has had hard times till he was a grown up. He had left the school because of financial problems and started to work in a butcher in Istanbul.

He shared this post on 23rd of April “National Independence and Children’s Day”:

(This emotional post is the proof of Nusret’s struggle.)

He became curious about steak culture eventually he went to Argentina. When he turned back, Nusret introduced different meat cooking styles to Turkish cuisine. After this part of the story, Nusret’s self-determination could be explained with one word: Determination 🙂

The Celebrity Butcher…

As it is known, Nusret is the most popular meater all over the World, he met a lot of famous people and also cooked for them.

Some of these people;

  • Diddy
  • David Beckham
  • Mario Gotze
  • Ben Affleck
  • Leonardo Di Caprio. Fun Fact: Di Caprio Ate Nusret’s Delicious Meat Despite Of His Being Vegetarian. 🙂
  • Chiara Ferragni
  • Falcao
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Drake

So, Here We Go!

There are 6 Nusret restaurants in Istanbul and we chose the one in Etiler. As soon as we enter the restaurant, workers welcomed us warmly. This attitude made us happy and we got positive energy from this atmosphere.

What Did we eat?

At once, we were amazed Nusret’s rich atmosphere and appetizer dishes on the menu, after all we decided to eat Lokum, Nusr-et Burger, beef tenderloin, Lamb filled, meat sushi, baklava and cheesecake. (Of course, we could not finish them all 🙂 ) Dishes were delicious! Also food presentation was like a visual feast! 🙂

We could not see Nusret there, he was in Dubai. But anyway, we had so much funny and delicious dinner!

beef tenderloin
beef tenderloin

meat sushi
meat sushi
Lamb Filled
Lamb Filled
Nusr-et Burger
Nusr-et Burger

How much did we pay for Nusr-Et?

We paid 95 euro approximately in total.

What are working days and hours of Nusr-Et Etiler?

12:00-01:00 Everyday

Will we ever go there again?

Svitlana gave 9/10; the reason why she minus one point was because she could not see Nusret there and Svitlana loves him 🙂 Gokce and I gave 8/10 because we think the prices must be a little bit lower. Actually it is really beautiful restaurant but there are restaurants with lower prices and quality products in Istanbul. To learn about the restaurants, keep followin us. 🙂

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Open Hours: 12:00 pm-01:00 am Everyday