Bringing together the place where you can eat and buy the best Italian food and everything that you may learn about what you eat under the same roof…

Basically, before you go somewhere to eat, we carefully choose the place. Whether it’s a restaurant for a romantic date, for a big family or just to enjoy time alone. Eataly in Zorlu Center is perfect for everyone, especially if your goal is to have a delicious meal.

I would like to start with the fact that you will definitely not be bored, since this place occupies 2 floors. Which means it is very dangerous for shopaholics, lovers of Italian wine and food, in a good sense of the word 🙂 Please let me explain you why.

Small pasta factory

Eataly has entertainment for everyone. After all, you will find a counter of ice cream La Gelateria, before which not only children can not resist, but also adults. But the pasta counter struck me most. It was hung with multicolored pasta, and inside 2 women were working, passing pieces of dough through a special board to give shape to Italian dumplings – gnocchi. I think I would be watch this process forever, and it would also be very interesting to see how other types of Italian pasta are molded. But there was so much more to see.

One of the turkish coffes

The Eataly store offers a large selection of coffee. Before buying, you have the opportunity not only to ask the consultants, but also to have a cup of coffee in the coffee bar, the brand of which you would like to buy (in Eataly 3 coffee bars). We did so, and we chose Vergnano caffe.

There is also a special department for meat and cheese lovers.

…what about the bread shop?

Something led us to this place…the fresh smell. As I am a big chef at home, I love homemade bruschettas, so undoubtedly I choose the most beautiful loaf. Crispy, surprisingly soft, fresh from the oven baton Eataly.

Wine & Cheese Bar in the middle of the Store

Everyone knows that Italian wines are one of the best ones. Unsurprisingly, the alcohol department is the largest, for every taste and every pocket. In the middle of the store you can taste wine and have a bite of cheese in the Wine & Cheese Bar.

Also, on the shelves you can see tomato paste, a variety of bread paste, chocolate, tea, spices, vegetables/fruits and even products of Turkish production, and so on. And of course pasta, a lot of posts. Eataly is so large that on the first floor you will see cleaning products, house tools, books stationary, personal care products and etc.

And many more Italian products…

Eataly is divided into three restaurants: La Carne e Il Pesce (meat and fish), La Pasta e La Pizza( pizza and pasta), La Locanda Italiana (regional Italian dishes). I think it’s obvious that I chose a pizza and pasta restaurant.

Open pizza kitchen for curious people

Despite the large area and the number of tables, we still had to wait in line for about 10 minutes. After choosing a table, the waiter immediately served the menu, everything was written clearly with all the ingredients, quickly we made an order. If you have any suggestions for cooking, you can tell it to the waiter. As a starter, we ordered carpaccio, which we didn’t regret about.  I was very surprised that one of the ingredients was rucola, being in Turkey almost 2 years, I could not find this this greens anywhere. For pizza and lasagna we were only waiting for about 15 minutes. By the way, pizza is prepared in an open kitchen. Being in an Italian restaurant, it’s a sin not to try an Italian dessert.

Now attention! Please discard the idea of standard tiramisu, try chocolate mousse and tubes filled with ricotta – Canolli. In my opinion, in Italian cuisine, the main thing is not to overeat, otherwise then all the food displeasure. Even though I was overeating, I ate everything with a great appetite.

Cooking class for adults

I would like to note that despite the large number of guests, the waiters did their job 100 %, all orders were given almost immediately. While waiting for the order, we noticed that the TV showed events taking place in the store. It was a food festival. Eataly is also famous for its cooking classes, not only for adults, but also for children. It was wonderful to watch the children learning how to cook pizza, and then how they ate their pizzas all together. For parents, there is nothing better than watching a child learn new areas of life.

Istanbul residents and tourists visiting this city are lucky, as there are 25 Eataly stores around the world, one of them is in Istanbul.

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Features: terrase, homemade pasta, menu for kids, big market, workshop area
Disadvantages:no place for outwear, queue
Open Hours: 10:00 – 22:00 (weekends 10:00 – 23:00)

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