Walking the streets of Balat, you will hardly notice this small meeting place, but coming closer, curiosity will take over. By opening the doors, the concept of the cafe will remind you of the movie “Alice in Wonderland”. From inscriptions in photo frames to antique furniture.

The main entrance to Velvet Cafe
The main entrance of Velvet Cafe

At Alice’s home or time machine to your childhood?

Every corner is so special that we changed the table twice surprised by the idea of creating a cafe. All furniture has different material, color and size. I’m sure this cafe will bring you to your childhood and make you think about your loved ones. Since on each table, you will notice a “grandmother-bound tablecloth”. And the dishes will remind you of family sets that are passed down from generation to generation.

Tablecloth from grandmother

We seem to have forgotten to make an order… 🙂

Velvet Cafe will be glad to your younger fluffy brothers. Even going out into the cafe’s garden you will see cats family, they will be glad to your attention. The interior of the cafe will surprise you so much that you are unlikely to hurry to order. But finding the menu in the form of a family photo album, you will quickly decide on the choice. Since food and drinks are listed with photos and prices, and polite staff in stylish clothes will help you to.

What did we order?

Since all the girls have a ‘’sweet tooth’’, including us, the variety of desserts drove us to a standstill. The waiter offered halva-the main dessert of the cafe, to say that it was divine – to say nothing. After all, this is not the halva from the supermarket to which we are all got used. It was warm, soft and had a middle sweetness in the form of balls. And we chose standard drinks: tea and Turkish coffee. 

 Which Cup would you choose?

Most of all we were surprised that ordering coffee, the waiter provides the opportunity to choose a Cup of four options. A Cup from Ottoman times, obviously my friend Yağmur did not want, but a Cup of 1930 from Italy with took her heart. The others were from Germany and Switzerland. In my opinion – it’s a feature of Velvet Cafe.

Since we ordered only desserts and drinks, our bill came out only 6 euros. Next time we will visit Velvet Cafe to enjoy a Turkish Breakfast.

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Features:Garden, Animals friendly, possibility to choose a cup
Open Hours:10:00 – 22:00 (weekends 10:00 – 23:00)

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