Perhaps the beauty of the Topkapı Palace is best captured by Evliya Çelebı’s remarks three centuries ago: “Never hath a more delightful residence been erected by the art of man.” Built by Sultan Mehmet between 1459 and 1465, the initial name of this extravagant monument of the Ottoman civil architecture was “Imperial New Palace”. Equipped with jewels, porcelains, courtyards, harem, kitchens, audience hall, royal stables, kiosks, hospital and gardens, this structure wasn’t only confined to the Sultans’ private residency. It served as a seat for the Ottoman Empire’s supreme executive and judicial council and some of its sections were used as a school. Transformed into a Museum in 1924 and added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985, displayed artifacts at the Topkapı Palace include the Spoonmaker’s Diamond, Topkapı Dagger, Ottoman clothing, armor, weapons, religious relics and miniatures.

Visiting Hours

Closed every Tuesdays.

Summer Schedule- 15 APRIL – 31 OCTOBER 

Visiting Hours: 09:00 am – 18:45 pm

Hours of Ticket Sale: 18:00

Winter Schedule- 01 NOVEMBER – 15 APRIL 

Visiting Hours: 09:00 am — 16:45 pm

Hours of Ticket Sale: 16:00

Ticket Price: 72 TL

Children under the age of 8 its free entry.


Contact Details

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism Topkapı Palace Museum Directorate

Tel: (0212) 512 04 80

Fax: (0212) 528 59 91