Known as the ‘Tower of Christ’ in Latin, Istanbul’s cone-shaped Galata Tower is the last residual of the Genoese. Built as the city’s tallest structure in 1348, the 9-storey stone tower is 67m tall and its diameter is 8.95m. Since its construction, this Romanesque-styled tower has been used as a defense mechanism, communication system, prison, dormitory for a military band, fire observatory point and now a tourist resort. Its first three floors reflect Genoese design while the upper levels are a touch of Turkish style architecture. On its upper levels, there is a café and a restaurant where locals and tourists enjoy their meals while having a magnificent 360-degree panoramic view of the city of Istanbul and its surrounding water.

Visiting Hours 

Opened daily at 09:00 am — 19:00 pm

Admission Fee 25 TL

Children under the age of 5 its free entry. 


Contact Details

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism Galata Tower Directorate

Tel: 0212 518 10 21

Fax: 0212 528 68 20


Istanbul By Drone: Galata Tower, In The Morning