The Hippodrome is an ancient public venue which was used as a chariot racecourse. Initially built during the Roman Empire — in 203 — by Emperor Septimius Severus, the Hippodrome was then expanded to accommodate 100 000 spectators during the Byzantine era (330-1453 CE). In this period, it was largely known as the Hippodrome of Constantinople.  The Hippodrome wasn’t limited to sporting events only, but it was also used as a public sphere for political discussions, court ceremonies, parades and protests. During the Ottoman Empire (1453-1922), the Hippodrome was renamed to At Meydanı — which means Horse Square — and it was only used as a square. Today, the Hippodrome is now used as a public garden, and it still has some monuments that reflect the idea of what it was like in its heydays.

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Istanbul By Drone: Sultanahmet Square

Hippodrome Square, Sultanahmet